For great times and even greater music

Good music brings people together and that has been part of my mission since the beginning.

In a beautiful effort to unite the host and their guest with the actual event, I empowers the atmosphere with my magnificent and unparalleled violin sound. My violin artistry covers genres from Indian, classical and arabesque, to jazz, soul, deep house and chillout – anything and everything to set the mood just right.

I bring sophistication and elegance to every occasion, improvising from soothing background music or ceremony renditions at a cocktail reception, to spectacular stage shows, with an electrifying atmosphere at crowded corporate events or concerts.

With my versatile program, I am dedicated to provide an epic performance to round the tone of your event.

You are a click away from booking a divine experience at your event!

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Stefanie Heller

Owner & MD of Jam Entertainers

When I met Pasha 8 years ago in Abu Dhabi I knew instantly that she is someone special. Not just with regards to her musical talent, but as a person. Being a musician and artist myself I could feel her passion and love for music. When I saw her playing for the first time it was such a pleasure watching and listening to her. And until now, she is performing any of her songs as if she would play them for the first time. She is one of the few, who really feel the music they are playing. It doesn’t matter if she plays for a Royal wedding or just a small birthday gathering. She is always one with that little instrument on her left shoulder. Becoming a violin player was just meant for her. Until now I can confidently say, that Pasha is the best violin player in Dubai and the best I have ever met.

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