Pasha Cazan

The passionate violin

Where it all began

It has been proven that musical abilities have a direct relationship with genetics. That’s how we start telling a true story, that of Pasha Cazan, the modern violin maestro. Demonstrating significant musical giftedness since the age of 3 years old, Pasha learned the basics of violin from her mother, a renowned violin teacher in their home country, the Republic of Moldova. Rising by the age of 8, with great passion for the most human of all instruments, she assembled several prizes won throughout the nation. Culminating and quickly following her mother’s steps, but converting them, at the same time, with her own vision and talent, Pasha specialized in music school. She learned the next steps in music alongside her professors and by herself. Playing late night solo compositions – that’s when she felt, knew and understood that the next and final stage to master the violin is up to her.

She continued the journey and praxis through momentous collaborations with orchestras, jazz bands and elite violinists from all around Europe, starting with Romania, where the original gipsy and Oriental sounds sway the folk, throughout Slovakia, Italy and Spain, each region with a different style, background and note culture.

She has traveled the world and got to work and play amongst notorious musical names from Cuba to Brazil, across the ocean to Lebanon and Egypt, and then all around the globe, from Pakistan to Japan. Each culture she had visited had taught her a different approach to sound and was a warp to her own masterly talent.

From East to West

By dint of all the skills Pasha acquired from playing in various countries and parts of the world, she rediscovered the art of violin and with that, her own way in music. After getting to play on the most sublime stages of the world with bright rising geniuses, Pasha felt it was time to either make it or break it. Reminiscing everything that she had studied and modernized, she made up her style and decided to continue her venture in the United Arab Emirates, where she discovered not only a plain resemblance of her stem in music with the Oriental and arabesque, but also a great range of opportunities and chances to grow her talent even further. After her second debut and countless, amazing concerts at the highest and most prestigious events in Dubai, Pasha made a name for herself in the industry. In 2013, she released her first solo album alongside her producer, Stoyan Stoyanov, one of the few maestros who always felt her versatile manner in playing and could genuinely be a part of the production.

Now, Pasha’s career is truly at all-time high and her manifesto is an ultimate apex in violin music, generally.

Her style is renowned based on her bow’s warm and sweet sound, full of character and inward feeling. Her wavering types of interpreting, from mellow to alive, are showcasing her individuality and integrity.

It goes without saying, that Pasha Cazan became, a rediscovered expressionist violin prodigy, and it is with that statement and all her pride, that Pasha presents to her beau public, music admirers and connaisseurs, the tracks and compositions that made her an international musical figure.

To perceive and fathom even a tiny part of Pasha’s amazing experiences, musical growth, diverse spirit and life story, you need to hear the tracks!

Find her most popular and shared renditions here.